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24th April 2024

Social Proof Services

If you or your clients don’t have enough leads or are not satisfied with the conversion rates of your existing leads, chances are you don’t have adequate social proof.

Consulting Gold offers a world class, scientific solution to acquire your social proof necessary to
generate more revenue and more profitability.

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Our Social Proof Process

Consulting Gold offers a world class process to acquire the quantitative and qualitative social proof necessary to significantly move the needle on your lead generation and lead conversions. Our process will also identify new product/service opportunities and multiple demographic segments within your current list of clients that will increase your effectiveness and results.

The 5 Components of Social Proof

According to Dr. Hurlbert, social proof is comprised of 5 components:

  • Testimonials
  • General client satisfaction
  • Specific client satisfaction
  • Case studies
  • Online reviews

To download Dr. Hurlbert’s Social Proof whitepaper,
click here.

“If you acquire the 5 components of social proof, like our other clients,
you will be positioned to dramatically increase your lead flow, conversions and your profitability.”

Tim Templeton
CEO/Consulting Gold

Social Proof 30 Day Implementation

Consulting Gold’s Social Proof 30 Day Implementation process that will uncover and acquire your social proof.

Our team of experts will deliver scientific game changing, quantitative and qualitative data in all 5 social proof components for your exclusive use.

Once acquired, your marketing team can implement your social proof to develop more targeted campaigns and offerings that will meet the specific wants and needs of your clients.

‘Recognized’ Value Through Social Proof

Most companies do give value to their clients, but in today’s market, that’s not enough.

What influences new prospects to engage your products/services over the competition’s is ‘Recognized’ value.

Recognized value tools are achieved through our Social Proof 30 Day Implementation process. They include:

  • Client testimonials with attribution to use
  • Technology to quickly display your testimonials online
  • The ‘raving fans’ in your database to be contacted and be your case studies
  • Online review system to promote your reviews on your site and others such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, YELP and others.

Turnkey Solutions

Upon our final feedback session in our Social Proof 30 Day Implementation process, whereby we deliver, present and unpack your quantitative and qualitative social proof additional services – you may decided you want more of our services.

You and your team may decide to take the next steps to implement your newly acquired social proof or you may need additional services from us.

Consulting Gold has assembled an ‘A’ Team of the nationally acclaimed professionals to deliver deliver turnkey or singular solutions.

Solutions Include:

-additional surveys and interactive quiz tools to:

  • Further segment your lists and communities within your client database
  • Identify new product/service offering needs or opportunities
  • Prioritize your existing and new offerings based on scientific client analysis

-technical support to generate tags for each list and segment in your database
-create sales funnels (or buyer’s journey processes) for newly created segments
-relationship and trust building strategies and tactics for each list segment and community
-sales and marketing campaigns to increase conversions of new and existing leads
-technical support to generate tags for each list and segment in your database

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